1.      Nomination submitted by
1.    Non – Governmental Organization (NGO) in official partnership with UNESCOType in the name of NGO: YPAC Surakarta
2.      Information on the nominated organization
Name Surakarta Society for the Care of Disabled Children (Yayasan Pembinaan Anak Cacat (YPAC) Surakarta)
Type of organization Education Institution
Postal Address Jl. Slamet Riyadi 364, Surakarta
Country Indonesia
Contact Person Drs. Mardianto, MBA; Vice ChairmainJajuk Widiastuti, SE; Secretary
Email Address tunjung@ypac.or.id; jajuk.widiastuti@gmail.com
Telephone 62 – 271 – 714229
Website www.ypac.or.id
Description of the nominated organization Yayasan Pembinaan Anak Cacat (YPAC) Surakarta is a Private Non – Profit Social Welfare Institution that provide full rehabilitation services to phisically disabled children so that they can live in the middle of the community as a viable, because they are also human rights must acquire rights as other normal children.YPAC Surakarta established on 5 February 1953 by the late Prof. Dr. dr. Soeharso an orthopedist / orthopedic. On the physical revolution 1945 – 1950 a lot of people, especially fighters who defect by the battle. When it was their place to disabled people in the Rehabilitation Centre  (Rehabilitatie Centrum), while many children are affected by an outbreak of polio. Finally Prof. Dr. dr. Soeharso set up special rehabilitation for disabled children which until now called Yayasan Pembinaan Anak Cacat (YPAC) Surakarta.All related to disabled children can be served in total care in YPAC Surakarta, both in reformatory or non – reformatory.

Handling the Rehabilitation by Total Care includes:

1.      Medical Rehabilitation

Covering assessment, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, hydrotherapy, snoezelen, pranic healing

2.      Social Rehabilitation

Covering the dormitory, guest house, recreation, sports, Family Based Rehabilitation

3.      Education Rehabilitation

From Special Kindergarten to Special High School

4.      Pre – vocational Rehabilitation

Povide job skills include: souvenirs, rugs, beads, batik, motorcycle repair

5.      Description of the programme of the nominee
(a)    Name of the programme
Increase the potential of children with disabilities to be more independent for a better life
(b)   Abstract
The YPAC vision is prevent  premature disability and foster the children with disabilities in order to become the next generation of qualifiedThe Missions are:1.          Through habilitation and / or rehabilitation services that are integrated, developing the potential of children with disabilities toward independence

2.          Standing up for equal rights of children with disabilities in order to achieve prosperity perfectly

The Objective:

1.      Fostering welfare within the meaning of greatest possible extent for children with disabilities

2.      Assist the government in efforts towards the achievement of prosperous community in general and in particular the welfare of children with disabilities

The Strategy are:

1.      The Basic Strategies

A.    Strategies for Achieving

i.                    Vision and Mission

ii.                  Management

iii.                Marketing

B.     Strategies Approach

i.                    Empowerment of Human Resources

ii.                  Family Empowerment

iii.                Continuous Improvement

2.      The Specific Strategies

A.    Potential Founding

i.                    Child Growth and Development

ii.                  Child Survival

iii.                Child Protection

B.     Family Based Rehabilitation

(c)    Contribution on the advancement of girls and women’s education
Supporting adolescent girls and young women to acquire knowledge and skills for them to adequately transition from school to work and lead a fulfilling life
(d)   Main target group (s)
Civil society organizationEducation InstitutionsParents / Care givers
(e)    Geographical coverage
National (Indonesia)
(f)    Number of beneficiaries
(g)   Duration
The programme started in: for children aged 5 to 18 years oldThe programme has a duration of: 13 years
(h)   Funding
Self SufficiencyLocal / domestic donorsInternational donors

Government subsidy

(i)     Resources
Annual cost of the programme (USD) $ 7500Number of staff involved in the programme per year: 82 people
(j)     Follow – up plan
  • Children can be independent, qualified and competitive in job search
  • Assist the government in the welfare society
  • Development of Disabled Children and their families
  • The aim of children with disabilities, families and communities
  • Implementation includes data collection



identification of disability

organizing dormitory

determination of children nutrition

diagnosis of social disability

medical treatment

education and skills

  • Consummation of social assistance, mental guidance, skills and sports
  • Provision of disability information through Integrated Service Post (Posyandu), Family Welfare Program (PKK), and Early Childhood Education Programs (PAUD)
  • Distribution and further guidance
(k)   Impact
  •   That child is getting better than ever and do not pester others
  • Children with disabilities get the rights
  • The child can develop his / her personal accordance with disabilities
  • Early child disability can be prevented with a pattern of early detection and early intervention
  • The child can become the next generation
  • Kids can be independently whether physical, psychological, social and economic
  • Kids were able to show the figure of himself / herself achieving a productive and self – reliant
  • Families are able to provide a conducive atmosphere and the treatment and worth which guarantees the child, and the child’s world
  • Community awareness and participation attitude positive towards disability and persons with disabilities
List of attached supporting material (e.g. publications)
1.      CD – ROM2.      Publications (YPAC Profile)3.      Photos

4.      etc



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